Center Socintech company specializes on deliveries of portable electronics of the leading world brands to the markets of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

More than 15 years the company has been a master distributor in the category of Motorola license-free radio equipment. Since then, more than 1.5 million PMR446 radio stations have been delivered. In Russia Motorola’s  license-free radio stations are leaders in their market segment with a share of more than 50%.

Currently, the company’s range is represented by a series of Talkabout radio stations for end users. For corporate customers we offer radio stations of the XT and CL series, specially developed by Motorola for retail, hotel and restaurant businesses. 8 years ago, the product range of the company «Center Socintech» was extended by Motorola radio and video baby monitors. Several years of successful work have allowed Motorola’s radio and video baby monitors to become one of the leaders among all manufacturers that supply similar products to Russia. This is confirmed by independent marketing research by GFK. Analysis of the online market in Russia showed the leadership of Motorola’s radio and video monitors with a significant gap from the closest pursuers.

Today, the company’s clients are all the largest networks of the Russian Federation: M-Video, Eldorado, Svyaznoy, Wildberries, Ozon, DNS, Аkusherstvo, Dochki sinochki and others. Among Russian retailers, leaders are changing, but the presence of Center Socintech remains. Because the delivered product and the offered service invariably meet the high requirements of both end users and retailers.